Psychology of the Athlete

If you want to be successful as an athlete, you have to be passionate about the sport that you play. You also have to believe that you are better than everyone else on the field, court or pitch. The best athletes tend to have short memories when it comes to their mistakes. Why are they wired this way, and it would it be appropriate to have these attributes in other facets of life?


You Need to Keep Your Edge

For the most part, people tend to be at their physical peak when they are under the age of 30. It is also an accepted fact that most people want to be professional athletes. Therefore, there is a lot of pressure to be the best and keep your spot on a roster or to qualify for a competition. This is why those partaking in athletic endeavors have to be confident almost to the point of arrogance to make sure that they don’t start slacking.

Society Doesn’t Accept Violence Outside of the Arena

A defensive end can hit a quarterback as hard as he wants without much repercussion from his coach or the fans. This is because violence is known and accepted in the NFL, as players accepts the risks inherent to playing the game, even with the fact that player safety is still a major issue.

However, society expects that you stay in control of your emotions and treat others with respect at all times. While you may be able to yell or gloat at an opponent after a sack or a blocked shot, you could face criminal charges doing that to a police officer or a guy walking too slowly on the sidewalk.

Hard Work and Perseverance Pay Off Anywhere

The one trait of a successful athlete that translates to any facet of life is the ability to work hard and overcome adversity. Whether you are trying to win a starting job with a baseball team or want to earn a promotion at work, you will need to outwork everyone else no matter what is put in front of you. Sports also teaches us that you may have to accept starting as an assistant or an alternate to those more experienced than you until you prove that you deserve more.


Being an athlete takes skill, hard work and an intense belief in yourself. While you may come off as arrogant or violent on the field, it may be necessary to keep yourself employed or to keep yourself safe when going against other competitors. However, the key is to know which traits are acceptable on the field and which ones that you need to tone down when you are in public.